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Do you want to take your theological and biblical education to the next level? Are you short of time, money, or opportunity to pursue formal graduate education? Let ThePortableSeminary.com be your starting point in a unique learning experience.

ThePortableSeminary.com is not intended as a substitute for a traditional seminary or graduate school program. But with the help of an outstanding international ‘‘faculty’’ of evangelical Christian scholars and practitioners, we’re pleased to introduce you to a full range of theological and biblical subjects.

By delving into The Portable Seminary™ and other resources, we think you’ll deepen your understanding of scriptural truth, increase your theological and biblical literacy, and prepare yourself to think and act “Christianly” in your sphere of influence.

Explore what ThePortableSeminary.com has to offer. The cost is minimal (some resources are free!); the schedule is up to you; the opportunity is yours for the taking!