About the Book

The “Curriculum”

Here’s what’s inside the pages of The Portable Seminary

The “Faculty”

The following scholars, teachers, writers, and practitioners are the ‘‘faculty’’ of The Portable Seminary. The purpose of their contributions is not mere intellectual stimulation, but to spur you on ‘‘to love and good works.’’

The Portable Seminary represents a unique learning experience. Like its traditional counterparts, it was created to foster a deeper understanding of scriptural truth, to increase the theological and biblical literacy of Christian leaders (present and future), and to stimulate truly Christian thought and action in a world where Christianity is undervalued—and often undermined—by people and forces that shape contemporary culture.

By bringing together an outstanding international ‘‘faculty’’ of evangelical Christian scholars and practitioners, The Portable Seminary offers an intro­duction to a full range of subjects: Theology, Biblical Languages and Interpre­tation, Background and Survey of both Old and New Testaments, Christian History, Apologetics and World Religions, Missions, Christian Education, Leadership, Christian Ethics, and more.

But here there are no hallowed halls, bricks and ivy, or stained-glass win­dows. The schedule is up to you; study as much or as little, as quickly or as thoroughly as you choose. Focus on a subject or two, or devour the entire book. Location, too, is subject to your circumstances or your preferences; at the beach or on a mountain retreat, on a commuter train or airplane, or in the quiet of your own study. If you desire to take theological and biblical understanding to the next level, you are readily admitted.

Can one volume replace a seminary education? Absolutely not. There is no way to replace the depth of teaching or the personal interaction one receives in seminary or graduate school. Again, what The Portable Seminary offers is an introduction—an overview—to a graduate-level education.

Who will benefit from it? Readers contemplating seminary will gain a taste of what lies ahead. Those in ministry who have had neither time nor opportunity for a formal graduate program will likely deepen their biblical and theological knowledge, perhaps also discovering a great refresher course and a handy reference tool. For laypersons serious about increased under­standing or aspiration to ministry—as a full-time calling or as a volunteer— The Portable Seminary is designed to expand knowledge as well as vocabu­lary, to stimulate thinking, and to provide resources for further study.

As with any learning experience, what you put into your study will have a direct bearing on what you take out. The content of The Portable Seminary is not “dumbed down” for convenience. Some of it may be challenging—Biblical Languages, The Doctrine of God the Father, Apologetics, for example—though anyone with adult reading skills should be up to the task. The glossary of specialized vocabulary is intended to assist in keeping the challenge manageable.
The Christian life calls for more than mere knowledge. We can be highly educated and still lack the faith, the courage, and the humility God desires. But the more we understand about God and about the life to which he calls us, the less likely we are to be tossed about on the seas of popular opinion, dubious doctrine, or self-indulgent living.

So, welcome to The Portable Seminary! May what you experience here stimulate your mind, open your heart, and enrich your soul.



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