The Curriculum

Here’s what’s inside the pages of The Portable Seminary.

1. The Doctrine of Scripture

Introduction • Revelation • The Inspiration of Scripture • The Authority of Scripture The Canon of Scripture

2. Biblical Languages

Hebrew • Aramaic • Greek

3. Interpreting Scripture

Hermeneutics • Exegesis

4. The Doctrine of God the Father

The Biblical Concept of God • The Attributes of God • God’s Work: Creation
God’s Work: Providence • God’s Agents

5. The Doctrine of God the Son

Jesus of Nazareth • New Testament Christology • Atonement

6. The Doctrine of God the Holy Spirit

The Spirit in the Old Testament • The Spirit in the New Testament

7. The Doctrines of Humanity and Sin

What It Means to Be Human • A Biblical View of Sin

8. The Doctrine of Salvation

The Biblical Idea • The Comprehensiveness of Salvation • Salvation in the New Testament

9. The Doctrine of the Church

The Church: Definition, Marks, Biblical History • The Church:
Nature, Ministry, Mission

10. The Doctrine of Last Things

Topics of Eschatology • The Millennium: Three Views

11. Background to the Old Testament

Physical, Cultural, Literary Settings • Literature

12. A Survey of the Old Testament

The Pentateuch • The Historical Books • The Poetical Books • The Prophets

13. Between the Testaments

Introduction to the Intertestamental Period • Introduction to the Apocrypha

14. Background to the New Testament

Historical Survey • Socioeconomic Aspects of Palestinian Judaism • Jewish Religious Practices and Beliefs • Religious and Socioeconomic Aspects of the Hellenistic World

15. A Survey of the New Testament

Gospels and Acts • Epistles of Paul • General Epistles • Revelation

16. Apologetics

Clarifying Truth-Claims • Introduction to Apologetics • Arguments for the Existence of God • The Problem of Evil • It’s All Relative— or Is It?

17. World Religions

Zen Buddhism • Vedanta Hinduism • Islam • Judaism • African Traditional Religions
The New Age Movement • Atheism • New Religious Movements • How Does Christianity Fare at the Religious Roundtable?

18. The Christian Church: The First 500 Years

Introduction and Overview • Christianity in the Roman Empire

19. The Church in the Middle Ages

The Rise of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches • The Medieval Idea of ‘‘Christian Empire’’ • Decline of the Church

20. Reform and Revival

The Reformation •Puritanism •Great Awakenings

21. Christianity as a Worldwide Phenomenon, 1750–1950

Latin America •Asia •The Pacific Basin •Africa

22. The Church After 1950

Evangelicalism • The Pentecostal Movement • The Modern
Ecumenical Movement

23. Introduction to Missiology

A Biblical Theology of Mission • A History of Missions •
Intercultural Communication • Mission Trends and Strategies

24. Christian Leadership

The Task of Leadership • A Theology of Volunteerism

25. Christian Ethics

Doctrine and Ethics •A Biblical Foundation • Christian Social
Ethics • Christian Ethics and Poverty

26. Christian Education

Defining Christian Education • Learning Styles • Cross-Cultural
Perspectives • Christian Formation



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